We agree @jhamoi, a box of 6 Magnum Minis is way better than flowers on Valentine's day. #MagnumMiniPH

Magnum Ice Cream

I wrote daily social media content for Magnum, a globally distributed luxury ice cream bar.

We love how @m3chellee documented the life of a Magnum Mini, one indulgent bite at a time!  #MagnumMiniPH

Enjoy life’s many pleasures, six of which are already in this box. Thank you @iamanniemedina for the photo! #MagnumMiniPH

Celebrate a perfect day with the perfect treat, Magnum Mini. Thank you @ljbothwell for the photo. #MagnumMiniPH

Workaholics unite. You all deserve a bite of pleasure. #MagnumMiniPH

Source: @ctn.rmzn